How To Track A UPS Shipment

By Gavin | February 15, 2022

Hello, I'm Gavin, and I'm here to explain how to track a UPS?

Use this post to explain how to track your UPS packages in a more detailed way to follow it.

If you use Amazon Seller Central, there's an easy way to keep track of it. But after all, we don't all need Amazon.


If you just want to track it on your phone, in this post, I will show you two easy ways to track your UPS shipments.

In fact, what we really want to know is precisely when our goods will arrive and where my goods are currently located.

Sometimes shipments go missing, which none of us want to encounter. So, we need to track it.

On average, we just want to know when the shipment will arrive at Amazon.

So these are critical steps. Let's get right to the point and share my experience.

Use Google To Search For UPS Packages

I have a tracking number, which is obviously the easiest way. If you have a tracking number, please write it down and use the number to look it up on your phone.

You can simply search for your tracking number on Google and click enter, and your tracking information will be displayed.

One-click will take you to the UPS website, and it will tell you what your scheduled delivery date is. So we'll know that the shipment will arrive on Thursday, and I can have the UPS system send an update to my phone.

I can view detailed delivery details, and I can see the progress of this shipment.

Use The UPS Mobile App To Check Packages

The following method is directly through the UPS mobile app. I like to keep the UPS app on my phone, and on the UPS app, I can check the status at any time.

Enter my tracking number directly in the tracking settings, and its tracking will show the same accurate information.

So whether you use the Google search engine or the UPS app, you can set it up this way.


No matter what method is used, it is possible to track your parcel in the mail, as long as we have a parcel tracking number.

However, I still prefer to install the official UPS mobile app on my phone. Personally, I feel it would be safer.