UPS My Choice, Your Choice, Our Service

By Gavin | December 14, 2018

Shopping online is fun, and now it's more popular than ever because it's never been easier or more secure, but waiting around for items to arrive isn't fun at all. You get a delivery date and then you wait, you take time off work, you wait, you ask someone to sit at home for you and they wait, and after all, that waiting you eventually pop out. 

And that's the very moment when you miss the delivery, annoying, now UPS have changed all that register online for free with UPS my choice service and you never have to wait again.

You see with UPS my choice, you're the one in control of all your deliveries, not the delivery company like you're at the center of the universe, sounds good. doesn't it? Also because UPS my choice service is streamlined for mobile use, you can pick up notifications about any new shipments. That way you can manage them. 

However, like change the date you want to receive your package, decide to have it send to one of our many UPS access point locations for collection, whatever it suits you or even get a friend to collect it for you with UPS my choice. It's easy to be in control of everything, dates, destinations, the works that mean normal waiting and lots more living. So I sit at home waiting when you can be catching up with friends spending some time with your family or enjoying some special time with a very loyal friend.

Register today at WWE/my choice to start living and stop waiting, UPS my choice, your choice, our service.