What Is UPS My Choice Account

By Gavin | February 16, 2022

Hello everyone, I have combined the UPS MyChoice service, collected the common concerns, and attached the answers to the questions. I hope it can help you with UPS My Choice.


What Is UPS My Choice Account

If we use UPS regularly, we will often hear about UPS My Choice service.

So what exactly is a UPS My Choice account?

UPS My Choice® lets you decide how, where, and when to make home deliveries to fit your schedule.

We can also change the delivery address at any time for your exceptional convenience in case you are not at the delivery location on the day of receipt.

UPS My Choice makes it easy to put your plan ahead of your package, whether online or via mobile.

What Is UPS My Choice And Does It Cost Money

Basic UPS My Choice services are free, such as tracking packages and getting alerts.

Customers can choose to subscribe to UPS My Choice Premium for additional services.

UPS My Choice Premium has been reduced from $40/year to $19.99/year.

If you currently want to confirm this fee, please visit the official UPS website for the latest prices.

How Does UPS My Choice Works

When you become a UPS, My Choice member, you can enjoy the convenience of the service. Depending on your situation, you can choose where and when your eligible UPS packages are delivered.

There is a situation where your package is expected to arrive today. However, you have other essential things temporarily scheduled for today. You cannot stay at home and wait for the package.

One cool thing is that you can reschedule your package to another day, or you can even transfer your package to a convenient location.

The thing that you can change the place of receipt is very convenient.

How Do I Cancel My UPS My Choice Account

If we really don't want to use MyChoice, we can cancel our account online through the official UPS website.

  1. Visit ups.com and log in to your account. This is the first step. The website needs to verify that it is us.

  2. Click on your username in the upper right corner.

  3. Select 'My Information' from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click 'Delete My Profile' on the right.

  5. A pop-up window will appear. This window is a confirmation message. Select 'Yes.'

  6. Click 'Yes.' This way, we cancel our account.

How Do I Use UPS My Choice Services

How do I use the UPS My Choice service? Check delivery status and change the shipping address of packages in transit. Reschedule package deliveries, hold packages at UPS locations, and provide instructions to drivers.

These are the reasons why we need the UPS MyChoice service.

If we are a shipper and want to mail the package to many customers.

A very convenient thing to do is to let all our customers know about MyChoice and let them use the service.

The status of the package can be checked by the customers themselves. This saves us a lot of communication time.

How To Track My UPS Package

  • Go to the official website of UPS. https://www.ups.com

  • Select your location and press the Enter key.

  • Click on 'Track Shipments' under the 'Tracking' category.

  • Enter the tracking number in the space provided. The file will accept tracking numbers of up to 25 digits.

  • Click the 'Track' button.

  • That is, you can know the current status of your package.