How To Setup UPS MyChoice Account

By Gavin | December 14, 2018

We'll teach you how to get set up with UPS in my choice system, so you can connect your track pin to UPS.

Start by heading to welcome HTML, click continue, then click on get started to register your address with UPS, enter your zip code, then fill out your information in the boxes provided. Make sure it's all accurate as UPS will then verify that the address provided does in fact exist, enter username and password, then click Submit.

Once your address has been verified, select manage settings, then click delivery options on the side, select edit to change the delivery instructions for your address. First, choose garage where it says leave ad to tell the delivery where they should leave your parcel, then click Edit to enter a custom pin number for your garage for this section, enter the words C keypad in all camps telling the deliverer to read the instructions found on the track, the key bed.

Now you need to select alerts, then edit, you'll have the option to enter an email address for delivery alerts, change this to your in garage email, that can be found in the track in the app under my pins delivers. Then select all the alerts for email and click OK, next you need to add any nicknames or household members to your account, so UPS can apply these changes to any name they might see on your parcel.

Under membership information, click add first-name variations, then add any nicknames or alternate names, you might go by, make sure to save your changes when finished. Next, add other names to your household by clicking add household members on the side, click edit, then add a household member, make sure to add in the alternate names for these household members as well, enter in any other names, save your changes and you're ready to go.