How To Use UPS Quantum View Manage

By Gavin | February 11, 2022

I will show you how to use Quantum View Manager(QVM) on official website.

The current information can be slightly different from the official website when you browse. This is because UPS officials are also updating their services and pages all the time.

But that's okay. It's essentially the same.


What Is UPS Quantum View Manage

UPS Quantum View Manage is a tool that consolidates your outbound, inbound and third-party shipments to a dashboard for easy access to all shipment data.

For now, you can find the link of QVM from

Access Quantum View Manage

  1. Click on Tracking.

  2. Click on Manage with Quantum View.

  3. Click on Track with Quantum View Manage.

Access All Your Shipments At A Glance

  1. Select Data Range.

  2. Scroll down to view shipment details

  3. Choose to email or download your shipment details

  4. Click on Email or Download as CSV

  5. Select up to 20 shipment details

  6. Click Next

  7. Enter up to 5 Email Address

  8. Enter Description

  9. Click Next

Track Your Shipment

  1. Enter Tracking Number

  2. Click on Search

  3. Your Shipment Details Are Here

Send Commercial Invoices For Import Shipments

  1. Click on import

  2. Scroll down to view shipment details

  3. Click on View

  4. Choose to Download or Email your commercial invoice

  5. Enter up to 5 Email Addresses

  6. Enter Description

  7. Click Send

Set An Alert For Shipment Exceptions

  1. Click on Alerts

  2. Select Alert Type

  3. Click on Add New

  4. Enter Alert Name

  5. Customize Alerts

  6. Enter up to 5 Email Addresses

  7. Click Save

These are the steps that I hope will help you use the services provided by UPS.