UPS My Choice Benefits For Consumers And Shippers

By Gavin | February 15, 2022

Today we're going to be talking about UPS MyChoice. We're going to look at it in terms of how it works for the actual recipient. It can help e-commerce shippers effectively reduce some of the burdens on their customer service representatives.

I personally encourage everyone to use this UPS MyChoice service.

Recipients use it and really make sure your package gets there from ups without having a bunch of phone calls or emails to ask where to have it.

Commercial shippers effectively reduce some of the burden on their customer service representatives by encouraging users to use it.


So using UPS My Choice is a great way to have uh shoppers, you know, make sure your delivery gets there, and they're told it gets there. So it's you know it's more convenient.

So having this "My Choice" can help reduce the likelihood of packages being stolen while you're at work. 

And there are simple options to change the delivery location if you are not where the shipment will arrive during the day. This service helps the recipient, especially to make sure they receive their package. This sounds really, really good.

What Is UPS My Choice

What is My Choice? It's a free service that gives recipients better control over their deliveries.

I have this service for everything in my house in Houston. I know the packages are coming, and I get emails when they are coming.

I don't have the premium service. I only have the free version. But I still receive timely and accurate emails with updates on what will be delivered or has been delivered.

So what you do is create an account with UPS. Then you can receive email or text messages the day before your shipment arrives, as well as delivery notifications and many more options.

Price For UPS Premium Version

You can also provide additional instructions for UPS drivers to leave their loads on the back porch or by the garage.

So there's a premium version and a free version, and the premium version is a $40 per year fee. But there's a special price right now, and I just got an email that you can basically get it for $20 per year.

I haven't done it yet, but there's a lot of good stuff about it.

The two-hour delivery window is confirmed for free, so you can request a two-hour delivery window every year, and these are free. Otherwise, you have to pay an extra $8 per request, so if you only go for two hours during the day, you can get your package delivered during that time.

Premium members can also upgrade all your ups sure post packages to the ground for free. This is automatic, so you remember, sure, post it's a service.

USPS is the ultimate delivery method, much slower than UPS ground. If you are a free member user, you can upgrade one.

So encourage your customers to use My Choice and let them create a UPS. By entering their information online, they will have more visibility and shipping options, which will reduce the stress on your customer service department.

You can also sign for it in person or online if you are not at home.

I'm sure there are many more benefits, and you get different codes and stuff as well. So if you use anything like the printing service at the UPS store, you'll get those codes in your email.

This will save you up to 30% off all the goodies that you know from business card flyers. So they try to get you into the store, and they will save you a little money but increase the visibility.

You have a My Choice dashboard, and you know where your packages are.

Let Your Customers Use UPS My Choice

As a shipper, you know to encourage this. Whenever your customer asks you what the current status of their shipment is, you will check the status accurately.

My general practice is to attach a file to the email to the client.

This document contains how to register for UPS My Choice and use it. It also explains the benefits of using UPS in an email.


It's really convenient for UPS to introduce this My Choice service.

Again, the recipients themselves can use their own cell phones to check the current parcel shipping status if they wish.