How To Register My Choice At UPS

By Gavin | February 15, 2022

Today I want to show you how to register for the UPS MyChoice program to know when our package will arrive.

When we sign up for this My Choice application, we don't even need to check our personal page to automatically check which day the order will arrive. We will receive a message from UPS when we have finished submitting our order and before we even leave the warehouse.

How To Register My Choice

  • So let's get started. Let's go online and visit the official UPS website,

  • Here, it tells you how the whole system works. You can change the website's language so that you can adequately understand what the website is trying to say.

  • You can choose either Spanish or English. Once we have selected the language, the entire page of the website will be presented in the language we have chosen.

  • Now it's time to register using our information. Primarily, using our email or a Facebook account will work.

  • Then it's time to enter a password that you want to use. At this point, the browser will generally ask you to confirm that you want to save the password? We don't need the browser to keep it.

  • Because it's a habit. It's okay if we use our entire computer at home or at work.

  • If we are using a public computer, this feature of letting the browser save passwords is hazardous, and our passwords will be exposed. Please remember this and continuously do not let your browser keep your password.

  • Next, you will select where you live in the United States and the zip code. Then press next again, and please fill in the address information if you have the complete address.

  • And our phone number, and tell you what it looks like. Now it seems like everyone purposely hides their exact residence and will instead fill out the phone number in full.

  • This is fine if our items can be delivered or collected correctly.

  • Then at the bottom is their checkbox. We select to accept the terms and press next.

If you are interested, you can also learn more about UPS My Choice features in conjunction with other pages on this site.

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I like this UPS MyChoice program because it offers many different options regarding your shipments and all that.

This UPS service is really super important. Please go sign up.

We can control and manage our shipments and keep track of our items' current status.

I hope this article will help you.